Google TechTalk video is up

I gave bufferbloat talks at Microsoft Research, Apple, Google and a workshop during the week of  April 24; the slides are available. A video of the talk is up as part of the Google TechTalk series.  My thanks to Greg Chesson, Mark Chow and Denton Gentry to pulling together the video despite technical difficulties, and my thanks to Vint Cerf for the kind introduction.

I’ll be giving an abbreviated version of this talk at the NANOG 52 meeting (North American Network Operators Group) in Denver at the Sheraton, on Tuesday, June 14, in the Grand Ballroom at 11:30AM. I’ll try to focus that talk a bit more on the consequences to those operating networks, as best I can given limited time.

2 Responses to “Google TechTalk video is up”

  1. Joris Says:

    As an application developer, are there any measures I could take to work around the bufferbloat issue or lessen its impact? Such as avoiding opening too many concurrent connections at once or decreasing down/up stream speed when the latency stars spiking? (assuming you have full control over both client and server)

    Perhaps this would make a nice article?

  2. gettys Says:

    Possibly some. Certainly detecting high latency and backing off is something that is friendly to the network. But game theory makes this a complicated topic. But I should give it some serious thought as well.

    My writing/talking budget is an issue at the moment; I might have time to think about this as part of that work I have to do.

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