Animation to show bufferbloat badly needed…

If you are facile at putting together animations, a great public service would be to build an animation (preferably web based) that demonstrates the consequences of bufferbloat. Ideally, there would be two such animations: one demonstrating simple single path bufferbloat (something vaguely like this) and the other showing a more complex network of machines, demonstrating aggregate forms of bufferbloat. This would help engineers, their managers, and the general public understand the problem much more easily.

Let us know at if you are interested in helping here.

5 Responses to “Animation to show bufferbloat badly needed…”

  1. rupello Says:

    Something like this maybe?

    • gettys Says:

      Yes, but the person running the animation needs to be able to control how much buffering is in the path (or network).

  2. Aaron Quigley Says:

    There are a number of network traffic visulisation tools out there. Since you want to be able to control the buffering level and path you might be able to employ one of these to create the visulisation you have in mind?


  3. er Says:

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