Bufferbloat talk & bufferbloat.net is up

I gave a talk at Bell Labs in Murray Hill last week, pulling together most of the threads of bufferbloat into a single presentation. You can find the talk and audio of the talk. I still have areas I haven’t gone into in detail on the blog; they will be coming over the next month or two.

Courtesy of large amount of Dave Täht’s and ISC‘s generosity for hosting the systems, we have software installed to support work on bufferbloat.net. Mailing lists are there along with a wiki, tracking system, news and similar facilities.  Please help solve bufferbloat, wherever it may be found.

One Response to “Bufferbloat talk & bufferbloat.net is up”

  1. ssp Says:

    Thanks for all the posts and now the talk on the topic.

    I’ve been seeing occasional bad behaviour on my home DSL line for years. I’ve always suspected a crappy router or DSL provider may be the reason for it (as those seem entirely plausible reasons), but the current discussion makes me think it may a consequence of ‘bufferbloat’ type phenomena.

    As you point out, now it’d be really handy for the network non-guru to have easy-to-use tools to figure out the reasons for a slow network.

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