Interesting puzzle, surprising results

I don’t know about you, but there are times I enjoy puzzles, particularly on vacation.  I’ve spent hours assembling jigsaw puzzles at vacation places from sets, sometimes complete, sometimes incomplete, and sometimes puzzles that were put away in the wrong box.

A question and exclamation mark of jigsaw puzzle pieces

Question and Exclamations!

Jigsaw puzzles are particularly interesting and challenging when you don’t really know the picture you are trying to assemble, and even more so if you find one or a few pieces of it yourself.  It helps if you know some of the pieces you are assembling pretty well even if you don’t know the picture.

Those of you who have suffered with me through this very occasional blog know that I’ve been having networking trouble. Over the last few months, a much more interesting and much, much larger picture has been unfolding, and in ways that to me are very unexpected, disturbing, and affecting all of us (without us realizing it).  It even explains much about the network problems I’ve blogged about in the past, to my surprise, though the explanation is very different than I would have understood then.

So I’ll guide you through assembling this puzzle, as more of the pieces fall into place and I can describe the picture better over the coming months.  You may be able to help find pieces and assemble the picture as well, as I’ll note in coming occasional installments, as much is not yet known about exactly what picture we’ll be assembling.

More later, maybe quite a bit later.

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