First post after a long absence. (and a Rant!)

Life’s been a bit crazy, including shipping a machine, and being in the clutches of a surgeon several times.  So I’ve not been blogging….

Here’s this morning’s rant: I just installed Kompozer (formerly nvu) to edit some html.  Here we are in 2008, and I still find that KDE and Gnome aren’t sharing simple settings; I end up with a different font on my screen.

Hey, folks, don’t we care about what people think who don’t care what project the application comes from, but are just looking for good tools to use?  I really don’t want to have to go find what magic knob to twist; I’ve already twisted one knob to my satisfaction… Let’s get together, all…

My other rant are for spammers and crackers…  Evil behavior, indeed. Someone broke into my home server. As time is short, I’ve decided to move my web log to to here where others can maintain the software for me; someday I’ll upload my old postings….

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